Honors Professional Accountancy Program (HNR BBA/MACC)

150 Credits




The Honors Professional Accountancy program provides students with the opportunity to earn a BBA in Honors Professional Accountancy, a Master of Accountancy (MAcc), and a Graduate Certificate in a five-year period. As part of the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) students will choose one of five specialization areas: Professional Accountant courses, Managerial Accountant courses, Fraud Examiner and Internal Auditing courses, or Finance courses. This program features selective admission with enrollment caps, dedicated faculty mentors assigned to each student, experiential learning projects as part of the curriculum, and cohorts for all accounting coursework. The six experiential learning projects provide skill building and growth opportunities for each student in their area(s) of interest.

Preadmission Requirements:

  • Letter of application may be submitted but will not be considered until after completion of 30 credit hours with a 3.25 GPA overall and in major courses.  
  • Completion of ACCT202 with a B+ or higher or the transfer of ACCT202 with a B+ or higher
  • Two letters of reference
  • Committee interview (committee will be comprised of the Associate Dean in charge of Accounting and Finance, the Accounting Honors Program Director, and the Department Coordinator for Accounting and Finance at the respective site of application)

Continued Enrollment Requirements:

  • Maintenance of 3.0 GPA overall and in major courses.
  • A Statement of Purpose must be submitted prior to beginning graduate-level coursework.

Undergraduate degree completion:

Student may submit an application for graduation for the BBA Honors Professional Accountancy upon successful completion of all required undergraduate courses, HNRS301-305, and ACCT615, ACCT625, and ACCT650.

*ACCT640 may not used as an Accounting elective in a Specialization Area

For Graduate Certificate programs and 600-700 level course descriptions, please see the Graduate Catalog or search for them on the University web site, www.davenport.edu.

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