Cyber Defense (CYBER DEF BS)

120 Credits


The Bachelor of Science degree in Cyber Defense provides the proactive and reactive knowledge and skills that encompass security in the technological environment. Students will learn to ensure appropriate treatment of risk, compliance, and assurance from internal and external perspectives. With an emphasis on how to best protect an organization’s information assets, topics will be covered from both the business and technology perspectives. Students will have a choice between two specialties: Information Assurance or Health Care Information Assurance.

*Either IAAS490 or TECH489 must be completed unless the experiential learning component is satisfied. An upper level technology substitution must be chosen if the experiential component is completed within a required course in the major.

**Consider adding the Mathematics Minor (MTHM) 23 credits with this degree program. One of the required math courses (MATH215) is required in the foundations, the other five courses could be taken as part of the Open Elective Credits.

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