Health Services Administration (HLTH SRV BS)

120 Credits


The Health Services Administration program prepares the graduate for entry-level management positions in various health care settings and organizations. Health services administration careers can include working in integrated health care systems, retirement and long term care facilities, physicians’ practices, community health organizations, health care associations and insurance carriers third party administrators. Specialties are designed to assist students needing or desiring a more focused area of interest. This degree prepares individuals interested in pursuing Davenport University’s MBA program.

*It is recommended that students seeking this degree program complete BIOL120 and BIOL131. Biology, chemistry and/or natural science electives may be substituted if the student has previously earned applicable ­credits.

Please note that students will not be awarded both the B.B.A. Health Services Administration and the B.S. Health Services Administration. Only one degree and catalog year of the Health Services Administra­tion major may be declared.

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