Health Services Administration (Completion Program - for Licensed Practical Nurses) (HSPN COM BS [PNCS])

122 Credits

Bachelor of Science | 122 credits | HSPN COM BS [PNCS]

For students with a Practical Nursing License

The program is designed for a Licensed Practical Nurse. The purpose of the Health Services Administration bachelor’s degree program at Davenport University is to prepare graduates for career advancement in health care administration. The program prepares the practical nurse professional for emerging management positions in various health care settings and organizations by enhancing their critical thinking, analytic, communication, applied-research, project management, leadership, and management skills.

Preadmission Requirements:
•    Must possess a current/valid unencumbered Practical Nurse license.
•    Must have a Practical Nursing Diploma with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher from an accredited program.

Which class should I take? When should I take it?

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