Network Management and Security (NETMGTSEC BS)

120 Credits


The Network Management and Security program will prepare the graduate with the technical knowledge and skills that are required to design, install, administer, maintain, and secure network systems and computers. Students will learn to evaluate user needs, purchase and install hardware and software, design and administer networks, and implement security best practices. Hands-on coursework will provide more advanced networking and security skills in a variety of hardware and software environments. The courses in this program will cover topics directly related to the objectives of certification exams from Microsoft, Cisco, EC Council and CompTIA.  Students will choose from three specialties: Advanced Cisco Networking, Network Security, or Server Administration.

*Either NETW490 or TECH489 must be completed unless the experiential learning component is satisfied. An upper level technology substitution must be chosen if the experiential component is completed within a required course in the major.

**Consider adding the Mathematics Minor (MTHM) 23 credits with this degree program. One of the required math courses (MATH215) is required in the foundations, the other five courses could be taken as part of the Open Elective Credits.

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