Nursing Pre-Licensure (P-LIC RN BSN)

120-133 Credits


This program is designed for students who have chosen to pursue a career as a professional nurse. The purpose of the bachelor’s degree nursing program at Davenport University is to prepare the graduate with the skill and knowledge ­necessary to function in the role of the professional nurse through the use of critical thinking, advanced assessment skills, communication, collaborating practices, applied research, self-directed learning, leadership and management skills, systems thinking, and professional development. This program prepares graduates for nursing practice across the continuum of care and in communities.

Program seats are limited and entry is competitive. Students are admitted to the program based on their cumulative GPA, TEAS scores, professional recommendations, and a personal essay. Students who meet admissions criteria will be provisionally admitted to the program pending completion of the Criminal Background Check (CBC) and Drug Screen (DS).

*A grade of C+ or better is required for successful completion of all BIOL and CHEM courses required in the nursing program.

*Upon acceptance of a nursing seat, the following courses within the Nursing Pre-Licensure BSN program are required to be completed at Davenport University (BIOL110/110L, BIOL221/221L, BIOL222/222L, BIOL211/211L, BIOL312, CHEM150/150L). Credits for required biology courses will not be transferred after nursing seat acceptance.

*Nursing Pre-Licensure BSN students may take online offerings with permission of the Nursing Department.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree requirements must be met based on the catalog year of acceptance to the BSN Nursing Pre-Licensure program.

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