Data Analytics (DATALTIC GRC)

12 Credits


Data Analytics is used to analyze vast databases that must be examined using complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify previously unidentified useful sets of relationships and trends. All aspects of the business and medical communities, as well as government agencies and non-profit organizations rely on data analytics, yet are hampered by a growing shortage of data analysts. Davenport’s 12 credit Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics responds to this need by preparing individuals to conduct data mining projects, generate data visualization products, and build data dashboards and automated reports. Using industry standard software, graduates get hands-on experience in practical applications directly related to current trends and issues that impact organizations across a broad spectrum. Credit from the certificate program can be transferred to the Master of Science in Data Analytics Degree program. Courses for are offered online in 15 week format with two courses completed per semester.

DATA courses are only offered in a 15-week online format.

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