Urban Educational Leadership (URED LD GRC)

18 Credits


The Certificate in Urban Educational Leadership (CUEL) is designed to prepare candidates to serve as high-performing transformative leaders within urban schools and districts. Created for candidates pursuing the principalship and supervisory positions, this certification is based on best practices, aligned to the national Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) as well as the Michigan Standards for the Preparation of Central Office and Building Administrators. The CUEL program will provide an invigorating learning experience that synergistically combines rigorous academic work with on-going practiced-based learning experiences. A significant emphasis is placed on real-world case studies and simulations that help candidates develop the skills, competencies, and mindsets necessary for successful educational leadership in an urban environment. Candidates will leverage their lived experience while exploring current research and best practices in the areas of leadership, curriculum, instruction and assessment, entrepreneurship, school law, human capital management, educational policy and related areas of study.
Principal Certification is available through the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA).

Admission Checklist:
In order to qualify:
• Fill out the Davenport Application for Admission.
• Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or above with a 3.0 GPA.
• Two (2) signed professional recommendation forms and one personal recommendation form are required.
• A current resume/CV must be submitted and it should include prior employment experience, educational background, and any organizational affiliations.
• Statement of purpose (refer to the statement of purpose form in the admission packet).
• Participate in an interview with the College of Urban Education (CUE) Admission Committee – to be scheduled by Davenport upon sub-mission of the completed application.

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