BBA Honors Specialty (HNBA)

12 Credits


This specialty is an option on each BBA degree Davenport University offers (i.e. BBA Marketing, BBA Management, BBA Business, etc.).The BBA honors specialty provides high achieving students the opportunity to complete graduate courses, which will satisfy undergraduate content and credit hour requirements. Four graduate courses, in four important areas of business, enhance the undergraduate degree with higher-level learning.
Upon completion, a student will have 120 credits required for the BBA degree, and will have earned 12 graduate credits toward their MBA program. Students can earn an MBA by completing an additional 18 graduate credits. Qualified students will select this specialty in place of others offered. If the student chooses to do an additional undergraduate specialty, this will require additional credits to degree completion, which must be completed before awarding the BBA. For BBA programs without specialties, open electives (or additional credits) may be used for these courses.

Qualification process:  
The following requirements must be met before a student can request this specialty be added to their curriculum (degree plan):

  • Senior status, that is, 90 or more earned credits toward their BBA degree
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher
  • Completion all BBA Foundations of Excellence and Foundations of Business courses

Grading information:

Once a student is admitted to the BBA Honors Specialty, all remaining courses needed for degree completion must be taken in addition to the four graduate courses in this specialty. Please note the following grading clarifications:

  • Students need a 3.0 or higher grade in each specialty course for it to apply toward the MBA program.
  • The grade of 3.0 or higher is for each course, not a CGPA for the specialty or degree program.
  • If a passing grade lower than 3.0 is earned in any one graduate level course, the credit for the course may still apply toward completion of the BBA degree, but the course cannot be used for credit in the MBA program. 
  • If the student’s BBA program CGPA falls below the admittance requirement of a minimum CGPA of 3.5, the student can still use earned BBA honors specialty course credits toward the MBA as long as the specialty courses have a 3.0 or higher grade.
  • These courses are included in the graduate GPA only.

Note: Students continuing into the MBA must complete a Graduate School Admission application and submit all requirements.