Master of Accountancy (ACCTNCY MACC)

30 Credits


Masters of Accountancy Program at Davenport University is designed for the self-directed, career-minded student to “Get where the world is going” in his/her desired area of concentration in Accounting. Students may customize their curriculum according to their desired outcomes. The Master of Accountancy program offers multiple tracks that either culminates in taking CPA or CMA courses, or focuses more broadly on general financial management. 
A hallmark of the DU Masters of Accountancy program is learning through practice whether it be through case studies, field projects, internships, presentations or simulations. Students will have many opportunities to exercise critical thinking skills while applying their accounting knowledge to correctly identify and understand real-world challenges. Students will develop their leadership ability as they work with others to develop ethical, effective business solutions.

Prerequisites: The following prerequisite course offers preparation to strengthen analytical and interpretive skills in accounting for business mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and global accounting and is required prior to entering the Master of Accountancy (MAcc). 
     •    ACCT515 Advanced Accounting Topics (3 cr)

Students who currently have the CMA, or the CPA may be able to apply that credit to that specific Specialty.

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