Master of Business Administration - Cybersecurity Management Concentration (BA CSM MBA)

39 Credits


Cybersecurity is an essential component of a business.  The Cybersecurity concentration focuses on the planning, risk management, legal and ethical challenges, and business continuity aspects of a cyber security strategy used to defend a business from cyber threats. The concentration prepares individuals with techniques used to protect information infrastructure and assets, the role of people, processes, and technology in protecting information infrastructure, and strategies to ensure business continuity or resumption in the face of a natural disaster or cyberattack.  The Cybersecurity concentration is delivered jointly by the College of Technology in partnership with the Maine College of Business.

Davenport University’s 39 credit MBA program is designed for those early in their business careers and entrepreneurial endeavors, and those mid to senior-level managers looking to sharpen their professional skills. The student will complete a set of core requirements prior to proceeding to concentration courses.

Any exceptions or variations must be approved by the MBA/MM exceptions committee.

Foundations of Business Requirements
All students admitted into any Davenport University MBA program are expected to have the necessary business foundations prior to entering the 600-level courses. If a student does not provide satisfactory evidence of the Foundational Knowledge, they will need to complete any or all of the following.  These courses are not included in the credits required for degree completion.

Any exceptions or variations must be approved by the MBA/MM exceptions committee.

  • ACCT 510 - Fundamentals of Accounting Principles and Concepts 3 Credits
  • BUSN 520 - Management and Marketing 3 Credits
  • FINC 510 - Foundations of Financial Management 3 Credits
  • STAT 500 - Statistics for Business 3 Credits

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